Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The UFC needs to stop casual homphobia

To Dana White and the UFC,

I have been a fan of the "Ultimate Fighter" television show since the first season but I want to protest the casual homophobia in your last episode. (Series 7 Episode 8)

Your contestant C.B was being harassed by another contestant Cale. He called C.B. and Matthew “boyfriends” for wearing the same sunglasses. Let me point out first that there is nothing wrong with men being "boyfriends" in 2008.

When C.B. is asked who he wants to fight he says Cale because he called them "Fags" - you bleeped it out but it was obvious. At that point both your champions laugh and you (Dana White) have a smile on your face. It was this I was most offended by.

If a fighter came in and said he wanted to fight because someone called him the "N-word" there wouldn't have been all that laughing. In fact it's probably likely the person would have been removed from the show for having said that word.

I'm not expecting you to solve the homophobia problems of the typical heterosexual american male. (or in this case the "badass" variety) I am expecting that the UFC be a professional organization where homophobia is not tolerated or accepted.

You have tried hard to build the UFC from it's foundation as a controversial back alley fighting group to a professional sports organization. You lose some credibility if you let your contestants act in this manner without being called on it.

Thank you