Friday, December 14, 2012

In honor of the "12 Days of Christmas" I thought I would list my "12 Pretend Husbands" - these are the men that are only husbands in my mind. I haven't met most of them. (these are not in any order of importance)

12. Hugh Jackman - Funny, Warm, Talented, Charming - I saw him in "the Boy from Oz" on stage on he was so magnetic. (and he sings too)

11. Alec Baldwin - Lord knows I love a handsome fuzzy man. I love both the young Alex Baldwin I fell in love with (if you haven't seen Miami Blues - OMG he was so hot). The older rounder Alec is still a gorgeous man. I love his liberal brain as well and a talented actor/comedian to boot.

10. Dan Savage - Ballsy, Out there, his opinions and brain seems linked to mine. I've met him in person a few times. Just the person you hope he is. Love him and all he does for the GLBT community.

9. Matt Taibi - Hansome, funny and the champion of calling Wall Street and the Banks on their bullsh*t. A talented writer. I love his big....brain.

8. Tom Hardy - those lips, the crazy unpredictability. He's a wild card. From handsome model type man to muscle tattoed hot man in WARRIOR. What isn't to love. He's the bad boy you're not sure what he'll do next. (and I love an accent)

7. Jon Stewart - So funny and charming. I love his work and have always thought he was very handsome in an off kilter kind of way. I have a feeling I'd be star struck in person if I saw him at Starbucks.

6. Bill Maher - I am not physically attracted to Bill Maher but I love his guts. He says a lot of what I think and doesn't care who he offends. I think he's really funny. A free speech martyr. When I met him I was so starstruck I acted like an idiot.

5. Ewan Macgregor - So adorable. What can you say. Love him in everything he does.

4. Henry Rollins - Young or old. KICK ASS. A punk rock man with a brain. Hell yeah.

3. Gavin Creel - Not traditionally my type at all. He's so adorable and love his voice. His gay activism only makes me love him more.

2. Gregory Harrison - Well when I was a young gay boy I of course loved Gregory Harrison getting out of the shower on Trapper John M.D. - I think his "for ladies only" made for TV movie about male strippers sent me through puberty. However he made this list due to Facebook - since friending him I have learned of his great heart on behalf of the poor, the disenfranchised, minorities and the environment. He's more beautiful to me now.

1. Eric Ripert - I have no idea why but I think Eric Ripert is my husband. The lips, the eyes and his easy smile and charm. I just think he's destined to make me breakfast. (I'll even eat snails)

Yes there are a few others but this is a good list...Gosling I'm still yours baby!

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