Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cranky Cub Introduction

I need to explain why I started this blog. First I must confess I don't read blogs unless someone sends me one. I have always thought blogs were very "self indulgent" and that blogging was like a talk radio call in show. You know those shows - where the moderator sends out a topic like 'abortion' and people call in with their opinions. I always thought "who cares what these people think??? They're just regurgitating what their parents or church told them to think" etc.

Then I started watching how blogs were changing the political landscape and actually influencing our democratic process. The documentary 'blog wars' also inspired me.

At the same time lots of things are happening in the world now that I feel like I have no control over. A war I don't agree with, Corporate greed at an all time high, people acting inhumane towards one another etc etc - and I feel frustrated about that.

I also am getting very sick of all the "casual homophobia" I have been seeing everywhere I go. I'm starting to want to call people out on it.

So what is my blog about? Well a little about current events and politics, A little about the daily struggles of living in a big city and lots about my gay american perspective on things.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I welcome all people who want to cheer me on or want to debate. Random insults without any debate happening will be ignored. What is the point of that?

Thank you for reading this!

Cranky Cub

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