Thursday, March 29, 2007

More on the F word

Imagine if an actor on a major television show called one of his co-workers the "n-word" - he would be shunned and most likely fired. Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy had been criticized for calling his co-worker T.R. Knight a "fag". It wasn't until he said "Fag" again at an awards show that he was taken to task. He ended up going to "rehab" or some other excuse. The media would not be so kind if it had been a white actor on a drama saying the "N-word".

Ann Coulter was recently let go from several of her syndicated columns for calling John Edwards a "fag." However she had already said this word several times in the media. At one point she even called Al Gore a "fag". Do people have to say this several times before the media takes notice?

Then don't even mention sports - where NBA players feel free to make homophobic comments to the media, Ozzie Guillen of our own White Sox calls a reporter a "fag" and then outright bigots like John Rocker say whatever they want.

It's time for straight men and women to stop using the "f-word" in casual conversation as a put down at each other. It's time for Americans to say enough is enough with this hateful word.

It's time for the American military to stop using homophobic language to inspire their troops. What does it say that you have to be homophobic to make yourself feel more masculine. It says "you have issues" to me.

It's time Hollywood gets involved too. Why is the Best Picture of the year "The Departed" full of homophobic "Faggot" talk?

If gay people weren't taunted every day in school for being different or killed on the streets then I would say "this word is no big deal" but until that happens it IS a big deal.

I used to hear casual homophobic language in conversation "that's so gay" etc and I would let it slide. I told myself it was all about "intent". If the person didn't mean to be homophobic I would let it go. I refuse to do that anymore. I made that decision because I think this tolerance of the language gets passed down to the children.

When the children think homophobia is ok then gay youth have to suffer. They suffer because of "self hate" or at the hands of bullies on the playground. Gay teenagers commit suicide every day in this country.

Maybe not saying "Faggot" or "That's so Gay" won't change a thing - but if it prevents one death isn't it worth it?

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nancyo said...

Dear Crank aka Eric
Hopefully the F word and the N word and other goofy words are not an issure for most of us. I like the idea of judging people by the content of their character. and nothing else.
You My Dear have some really cool content in your character.
There's another word for Ann Coulter and like minded yahoo's. It's called Karm
love ya........